Here at WW-FIX we believe your solution should be simple and to the point.


Using unnecessary equipment just adds to your cost, complicates the system and takes up space.


 Keep it Simple


Things we are very good at fixing;

Brewery discharge     Winery Waste & Yeast  Gross Alpha particles
Radium/Uranium        Radon                 Semiconductor waste   
Gel Frac Flowback     Produced Water        Slick Water           
Oil removal           Gas Condensate        Ammonia & Nitrate
Metal coatings        Paint Curtains        Metals & Boron
Heavy metals          Suspended Solids      RO pre-treatment      
Calcium removal       H2S removal           Leather Tanning
Chromium Hex/Tri      Arsenic               IMPREG discharge
Truck washout         Chemical wash water   Cutting Fluids        
Static Screens        Oil water seperators

Starting on the top left are raw samples followed by the Oil-Water-Separator (OWS) on the right.

The incoming oil concentration was just under 3%, after the OWS it was less than 50ppm and most often under 20ppm. 

The crystal clear discharge and the finished product of this Texas Gel Flowback water can be seen 3rd from the top on the left, compared to the incoming raw water.

With several modification steps along the way, we can control your Boron levels down to less than 10PPM, Calcium down to 50PPM or less, Strontium to less than 10PPM and other metals and heavy metals are not detectable.

Leaving you with an almost pure Salt-Water for re-use.

The next two are a before and after of spent cutting fluids with its high soluble oil content, is easily treated to be as clean as tap water

The last picture is a simple brewery wastewater comparison of treated and untreated.The treated has a BOD of less than 100, the COD in most cases is reduced by 65% or more. All this can be done  in just 2 hours or so.

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